About us

How The fine art of bookmarks idea was born?

We don't offer simple bookmarks, but real works of art.

Why the fine art of bookmarks?

The Fine Art of Bookmarks does not offer simple bookmarks, but real works of art.
The idea comes from Francesco Fanti, a professional photographer who wants to combine two passions: photography and reading.
You will like this: there are many means of communication, for example writing, voice, facial expressions.
For Francesco, however, the best way to communicate is photography: the goal is to convey the moment lived, capture the moment and all the emotions and sensations it brings with it and then transfer the shot to a bookmark and thus anyone who buys it can take part.

The aim of this project is to enhance photographs while creating unique and inimitable objects.
In this way, bookmarks become precious, unique, collectible objects.
The most suitable high-resolution photographs have been rigorously chosen to form bookmarks, unique objects to collect or simply to use to accompany a good book.

The Fine Art of Bookmarks is the Art of creating Bookmarks, and for us it means finding the perfect picture with its unique story to tell, and match this work of art with the right book and the right story.

What Fine Art means?

Fine Art Prints are prints of photographs that were created solely to fulfill the creative vision of an individual artist, and where the print itself is the final physical expression of the creative process and makes the “soul” of the photographs lives in a physical medium.


In a world where everything is becoming impalpable and digital, printing author’s photos on quality paper is still our first choice.

Fine Art Photo Printing is art.

We believe that the final purpose of photography is holding in your hands the printed picture, caressing its details with your eyes and feeling its consistency through  your fingers while smelling its delicate perfume.


Our mission is to make Author’s Photo Printing accessible to everyone, through collectible bookmarks that you can combine with a book or a story.

Every bookmark represents a unique photograph, framed by a white passepartout that

draws attention to it, just like a painting’s frame.

Everyone of our bookmarks is a tiny painting that you can always carry with you, that allows you to get lost in all the places where the photos where taken, to feel the same emotions and sensations the author felt, bringing you closer to the story you’re reading.

Each one of the photos on the bookmarks has its own story to tell, and we hope it becomes an integral part of the experience you’re living while reading your book.

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