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FF 201
Segnalibri artistici a tema primaverile


Spring is the season when everything is in motion: nature awakens, trees blossom, temperatures rise, as do the hours of light.

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FF 424
Serie di 5 segnalibri fine art con tema inverno


Winter is a special season: loved by many, it always exerts a certain charm. The dormant nature, the snow, the cold weather are all characteristics of this unique season.

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23082016 MG 3036
Serie di 5 segnalibri fine art con tema cascate


Like when you walk in the woods and after a bend you hear the sound of a waterfall and the horizon suddenly changes and everything becomes more powerful and brighter.
That's life.

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

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FF 427
Serie di 5 segnalibri particolari estivi


Summer is the warm season, for some the most cheerful: summer is synonymous with sea, breathtaking landscapes, holidays, light and happiness.

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FF 432
Serie di 5 segnalibri artistici con tema alberi


“Let the peace of nature enter you as the rays of the sun penetrate the branches of the trees. Let the winds blow their freshness into you and let the storms charge you with their energy. Then your worries will fall like autumn leaves. "

John Mui

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26082016 MG 3291
Collezione di segnalibri in carta cotone con tema serenità


“Do not judge men by their sheer appearance; because the light laughter that foams on the lips often cloaks the depths of sadness, and the serious look can be the sober veil that covers a divine peace and joy. "

Harry Forster Chapi

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FF 100
5 Segnalibri artistici raffiguranti formazioni rocciose


Those who build too fast frighten me, because they destroy with the same speed. It takes millions of years to make a rock.

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FF 215 1
Serie di 5 segnalibri fotografici raffiguranti archi naturali

Natural Arches

Discovering places unexplored by man or that have not been civilized, brings man back to the wild, to a primitive condition, which reconnects him to his most intimate self.

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FF 315
Segnalibri fotografici di paesaggi con via lattea

Milky Way

We are used to the chaos of the city, the horns, the screams of the people and the smog. When we move away from civilization and immerse ourselves in nature, we return to our primordial form; nature is a balm for the soul

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FF 207
5 segnalibri con foto di paesaggi notturni


It is at night that the din of the heart, the ticking of anxiety, the buzz of the impossible and the silence of the world are best perceived.

Fabrizio Caramagna

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Faro di Kermovarn in Bretagna
Segnalibri di paesaggio con rappresentati dei fari


I can't think of any other man-made building that is as altruistic as a lighthouse. They were built only to serve.

George Bernard Shaw

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FF 141
Segnalibri artistici con foto di campi di lavanda in Provenza


Purple was born on a spring day in a lavender field. He must have long searched for a place like this where the rows go straight to the horizon as if they were invited to a dance with the infinite.

Fabrizio Caramagna

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20082016 MG 2665
Collezione di segnalibri fotografici a tema giungla


You can never say, you can never say. One believes that certain things are quite natural: like driving a car without someone trying to kill you. But all of a sudden something changes and for half an hour of your life you lose all contact with the civilized world and you feel like you are a savage in the jungle again.

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FF 115
Segnalibri con foto di luogo sacri per diverse religioni


"So when you are listening to someone, completely, carefully, then you are not only listening to the words, but also to the sense of what is being conveyed, in its entirety, not only in part."

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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FF 132
Serie di segnalibri fotografici sulle Dolomiti


"The great mountains have the value of the men who climb them, otherwise they would be nothing more than a pile of stones."

Walter Bonatti

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FF 198
Segnalibri originali raffiguranti dei deserti


“I've always liked the desert. You sit on a sand dune. You can not see anything. Nothing is heard. And yet something shines in the silence. "

Antoine De Saint-Exupery

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FF 107
Segnalibri particolari caratterizzati dai colori in giro per il mondo

Colors from the World

“I love colors, times of a yearning
restless, unsolvable, vital,
humble and sovereign explanation
cosmic gods because of my breath. "

Alda Merini

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FF 158
Serie di segnalibri in cartoncino con foto di scogliere


"The waves of the sea break on the cliff, eroding it, little by little, day after day and so does the time with us, but it takes less time to completely corrode us."

Giuseppe Tobia

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FF 418
Collezione di segnalibri con foto autunnali


Autumn is the season of change: the leaves change colour and fall, the trees gradually become bare, nature begins its journey towards a slower time, towards a season of colder temperatures. In autumn the colours are warm, a season in between when the whole landscape slowly begins to change.

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