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Why should you buy bookmarks in 2021?

Bookmarks … whether they are made of wood, paper or other materials have always accompanied readers around the world.
In this century, life is often hectic and it is rare to be able to read a book continuously. That is why it is essential to always have a bookmark with you, so that you can resume reading later, exactly from the last page you read.
Consider this: bookmarks have a very ancient history.
It is said that the first bookmarks were found in Egypt and date back to the 6th century AD.
The use of bookmarks in the year 2021 is, of course, closely linked to printed paper: books, which are often cast aside in favour of so-called ‘e-books’, have a charm that can never be replaced.
Let me tell you a secret: the cover, being able to “touch” the words, the smell of a book are for most readers irreplaceable things.
Just like books, therefore, so are bookmarks.
Often overlooked objects, they play a fundamental role: they separate reality from fantasy, they embellish books, they are beautiful gift ideas. It is therefore essential to use unique bookmarks, preferably different and peculiar for each book, precious products that manage to represent the great importance of reading.

Why "the fine art of bookmarks"?

“The fine art of bookmarks” does not propose simple bookmarks, but real works of art. The idea comes from Francesco Fanti, a professional photographer who wants to combine two passions: photography and reading.

You’ll like this one: there are many means of communication, for example writing, voice, facial expressions.

For Francesco, however, the best way to communicate is through photography: the aim is to convey the moment he has experienced, capturing the moment and all the emotions and sensations it brings with it, and then transferring the shot into a bookmark so that anyone who buys it can take part.

In this way the bookmarks become valuable, unique, collectors’ items. The most suitable high-resolution photographs have been rigorously chosen to form the bookmarks, unique objects to be collected or simply used to accompany a good book.

Don’t take what I’m saying wrongly: photographs are often found in different objects, frames, cups and gadgets of all kinds, or in large books which generally cost a lot of money.

The fine art of bookmarks” bookmarks, on the other hand, allow you to have a work of art in your home at an absolutely low cost! The aim of this project is to enhance photographs while creating unique and inimitable objects. What are you waiting for? Buy an exclusive bookmark for yourself and the people you love!

Why these bookmarks are different from others

The bookmarks I am talking about are original and unsurpassed pieces. They are made of hahnemuhle paper in pure cotton, a precious product which brings out the colours, the high definition of the photographs and the sense of depth.

As I said before, these bookmarks are unique: the images represented are professional shots depicting various beautiful landscapes and subjects.

From lavender fields to the Dolomites, they differ from other bookmarks in the quality of their materials and their beauty. In fact, they are collector’s items that can also be hung on the wall to form unique paintings. You can also match each bookmark to a different book, depending on the story you are reading or the book cover: the seasons, cliffs, deserts, lighthouses, the milky way and many other subjects that you can adapt to your favourite novels are represented.

You’ll love this: the fine art of bookmarks is also an original gift idea for your loved ones. You can buy bookmarks with different subjects and personalise your gift: a nature lover will certainly appreciate bookmarks with the theme “waterfalls” or “trees”. For a very religious person, take a look at the “religion” bookmarks. You won’t regret it, it’s guaranteed!

a taste of bookmarks...

FF 432


“Let the peace of nature enter you as the rays of the sun penetrate the branches of the trees. Let the winds blow their freshness into you and let the storms charge you with their energy. Then your worries will fall like autumn leaves. ”

John Mui

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FF 201


Spring is the season when everything is in motion: nature awakens, trees blossom, temperatures rise, as do the hours of light

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23082016 MG 3036


Like when you walk in the woods and after a bend you hear the sound of a waterfall and the horizon suddenly changes and everything becomes more powerful and brighter.
That’s life.

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

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FF 132


“The great mountains have the value of the men who climb them, otherwise they would be nothing more than a pile of stones.”

Walter Bonatti

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26082016 MG 3291


“Do not judge men by their sheer appearance; because the light laughter that foams on the lips often cloaks the depths of sadness, and the serious look can be the sober veil that covers a divine peace and joy. ”

Harry Forster Chapi

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Umberto Eco

“ Whoever doesn't read, at 70 years old will have lived only one life: his own! Whoever reads will have lived 5000 years: he was there when Cain killed Abel, when Renzo married Lucia, when Leopardi admired the infinite... because reading is a backwards immortality"
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Carlos Ruiz Zafón

I entered the bookshop and inhaled that scent of paper and magic that inexplicably no one had yet thought of bottling.
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Tramonto sulle risaie di Longsheng
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John Geddes

When everything changes, I need a bookmark - I need you...
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Alba al monte Cusna


The world is your bookmark.
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Ilaria Bennecchi

Usually it doesn't matter what you use as a bookmark, whether it's a real one or any other object, but when the book is yours, with your name and surname, complete with a bookmark to match the wording and colour, it's a different story.
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Risaie di Longsheng

Isabella Galeotti

To write to annotate to mark. The verb 'to mark' puts a mark on something.
The bookmark divides reality from fantasy, and sometimes even manages to improve it.
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